What To Expect


Know What To Expect When You Come In For Your Visit

Summary Of Your Visit

This is a brief summery of what you’ll find during your visit here at Mid Atlantic Urgent Care Clarendon. Please call our main office at 703.243.6720 if you have any questions.


When you arrive at Mid Atlantic Urgent Care, you will be welcomed at the front desk where you will be asked for your insurance card and photo ID, which will be copied and returned to you, and to fill out a registration form. An appointment is not required to seek health care at Mid Atlantic Urgent Care we currently only accept walk ins.


A downloadable registration form is available here.  You will save time by filling out as much as you can before coming to Mid Atlantic Urgent Care.  Our staff will help you with any questions.  Just remember to bring the form with you.


Once done at the front desk, you will be called to see a medical assistant, who will check your vital signs and record information about your illness or injury.


From there, a physician or physician assistant will examine you, and then discuss your diagnosis and provide any prescriptions you may need or directions for follow-up. On your way out, you will be asked for your insurance co-payment or for your self-payment as necessary.

If you have questions about whether we can treat you, please call Mid Atlantic Urgent Care at 703.243.6720
Please note that we cannot give medical advice over the phone.