Occupational Medicine


Let Our Team Tailor Programs Based On Your Needs

Programs for Employers

Employers want to keep employees where they need them…..on the job and at their desks.  That is where your employees want to be, too!

Our state of the art digital x-ray equipment and on-site lab and highly skilled urgent care staff will provide employees with the best possible care at a fraction of the cost and wait time of a hospital ER.

We see our relationship with employers as creating a dedicated return-to-work philosophy together.

Tailored Programs

Let us meet with you to set up a program tailored to your company, so we can help you with Employer Health Services, Occupational Medicine, and Workers ’ Compensation.  Just call our office at 703-243-6720, and ask to speak to the Practice Manager who will customize a plan for you.

Tailored Programs

Children’s Physicals

Just as we look forward to providing flu shots in the Fall and to treating your children for seasonal ailments, along with bumps and bruises and the occasional fracture, we are also here for school, sports and camp physicals, or any others your child may require.

Children's Physicals

If you have questions about whether we can treat you, please call Mid Atlantic Urgent Care at 703.243.6720
Please note that we cannot give medical advice over the phone.