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Your Time…Is Our Time

We are just like you when it comes to making the most out of every minute with our Ipad, Iphone, or laptops. One of the reasons you came to an urgent care was to save time, right? We will do our best to live up to your expectations. When you spontaneously come in to be seen by a health care provider—a physician or physician assistant at Mid Atlantic Urgent Care, you can save several minutes at the start by printing the registration form, filling it out in advance and bringing it with you when you come. You also can save time by being prepared with your insurance card, photo ID, and cash or a credit card for any co-payment. Payment is expected at time of service. Working with you, we will take care of you quickly and handle x-rays and labs on-site–another big time-saver–you will have details of your diagnosis and any instructions to follow, plus whatever prescriptions need to be filled.

We Love Kids…of All Ages

Honest, we do. We are parents, aunts and uncles, as well as experienced medical practitioners. We really enjoy working with children, even Terrible Twos or Terrorizing Teens. In addition, we realize that kids come in all sizes and ages. In active communities like Arlington, we may treat a young soccer player for an on-field injury as well as her Soccer Mom who may have jumped too high cheering from the sidelines. Touch football-playing Dads come to us almost as often in our waiting room as their high school aged quarterback children. We treat all with caring respect and will never reveal which age group of athletes makes the best patients!!